Michael Grange - Guitars

Michael Grange is a songwriter/guitar player from the Southern California area. Michael is an exciting virtuoso and winner of "best guitarist" in the Los Angeles Music Awards. A self taught musician with a style all his own, Michael has incorporated many different genres into his music (Jazz, Rock, R&B, Latin, and Blues).  Michael's debut CD featured Ndugu Chancler-drums, Alphonso Johnson-bass, Neil Larsen-keyboards, Steve Tavaglione-sax. Michael's second CD featured musicians Bernie Dresel and Bob Harsen-drums, Brad Cummings, Mark Goldberg and Ric Fierabracci-bass, Chris Barron and Steve Weingart-piano, Vince Denham and Larry Klimas-sax. Percussionist on both recordings was the renowned John Pickell.

Mick Stevens - Fretless Bass

Although Mick was born in the UK he was mainly raised in the USA but moved back to London in the early 70's. After an unsuccessful bout as a teenage prostitute Mick switched careers, first working as a bouncer at the famous Marquee Club in London's West End and then as a roadie/sound engineer for many top-tier music acts, including Manfred Man's Earth Band, Renaissance, Curved Air, Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance, Fusion Orchestra and Soft Machine.   In 1973, Mick co-designed and built one of the world's first quadrophonic PA systems for Soft Machine.  In 1975 Mick moved back to New York city and dedicated himself to learn how to play bass guitar and skin flute. His main influences were Alphonso Johnson (Weather Report), Ralf Armstrong (Mahavishnu Orchcestra), Percy Jones (Brand X) and John Holmes (porn star).  In the early 90's, Mick moved to Los Angeles to escape the immigration police and formed improvisational fusion band The Avant Gardeners - legends in their own lunchtime.  In 1999, a cosmic opportunity allowed Mick to join the classic UK fusion band Brand X, replacing the irreplaceable Percy Jones. Although completely tone-deaf, Mick has exclusively played fretless basses all his life because he doesn't know any better. Mick plays Wal 5-string and Tobias 5-string fretless basses, D'Addario nickel roundwound strings and makes all kinds of strange noises with effects pedals through Carvin amplifiers.

Frank Grande - Keyboards

Robert Keding - Drums, Percussion

Christian Boyd - Keyboards

Brad Dutz - Percussion

Brad started to study music at age seven. After high school he studied at the University of North Texas and Berklee college of music. In 1982 he moved to Los Angeles and began free-lancing untill 1984 when he joined Maynard Ferguson and toured around the country. Beside his ten solo c.d.s - NINE NEDS, KRIN, CAMELS, RAILROADS, GRILL, MAKING ICE, OBLITERATION quartet, MY BONGO, JOHN HOLMES- BRAD DUTZ duos and the first BRAD DUTZ c.d. he has co-produced twelve others and played as a sideman for 210 titles.

In 1995 Warner Brothers and Interworld selected Brad to do eight video tapes for beginners entitled HAVE FUN PLAYING HAND DRUMS. He can be heard on TV shows King of the Hill, Family Guy, American Dad, Enterprise and Firefly. Some of the movies that Brad has played on are Prince of Egypt, Syriana, Hildago, Rugrats go Wild, Star Trek 5, Ocean’s Eleven, Anchorman, Hollywood Homicide, Transformers, Rush Hour 3, Run Down and I Spy. IMAX films: Mysteries of Egypt, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Amazon and Island of Sharks.

In addition to playing mallets, hand percussion is his specialty. He has studied many instruments: congas, berimbau, bata, bodhran, bones, pandiero, djembe, tabla, kanjira, doumbec, riq, and others.

While recording CDs for artists like Alanis Morrisette, Kiss, Willie Nelson, Michael Wolff, Tribal Tech, David Benoit, Rick Braun, Vinny Golia, Lee Ann Ryhmes, Mitch Forman, Terence Trent Darby, Rickie Lee Jones, Hands’onsemble and even actors Jeff Bridges and Ronny Cox.  Brad tries to bring the strangest percussion instruments he has to the session to create a unique sound . Every year he travels to colleges and stores to do clinics and concerts on hand percussion and mallets. His endorsements include VIC FIRTH, REMO,YAMAHA, PAISTE, ROLAND and MOUNTAIN RYTHYM . Since becoming a member of the part-time faculty of Cal State Long Beach eight years ago Brad has finished three books, “Practicing music on hand percussion”, “Manipulations in time”and “Duos,Trios and Quartets for percussion”.  In 2002 his Obliteration quartet was the subject of a documentary film.